6082 aluminium, bright steel, stainless steel, kevlar, polypropylene, motor, undisclosed materials



Seven metre wide, highly engineered device, which slowly rotates to create torsional fields of an undisclosed nature

Adam Wright, Marjolaine Charbin, Mark Miller, Mat Jenner, Mark Waugh, David Cotterell, Andy Roberts, Michael Saunders, Maestro Constantino, Swami Govinda, Thomasina Craster, Bárbara Rodríguez Muñoz, Christopher Pick, Esther Hafenscher, DIane Dawkins, Becca Djan, Matthew Lloyd, Gareth Fox, Lily Hawkes, Gerald Balk, Nick Orrill, Leigh Marris, Jonathan Kerr, Pat Griffin, Ian Burn, Tim Eastop, Jim Prevett, Jessie McLaughlin, Laura Turner, Sayeed Saleh, Jim James, Pedro Hurtado, Basil Olton, Joe Horswell

supported by
Tate, Arts Council of England Grants for the Arts, Honeywell Safety Products/Miller Fall Protection