In Terms of Cognition, Pan Dimensionality is Not Best Accessed Through Mathematics

Jesmonite,graphite, ginseng extract, griffinola seed extract, Aulterra, powdered silver, aluminium, styrofoam, polyester, polystyrene



five metre long pan dimensional/electromagnetically active object/being, whose materials/ingredients include dietary supplements, and no ferrous metals

with Sam Burford, Rose Horridge, Mary Cork, Ian Marshall, Phil Brown, Graham Westfield, David Cook,jonni Kemp, Marcus Bowerman, Andy Best, Andrew Mark, Matt Walsh, Bronwen Buckeridge, Abby Simpson, Becca Djan, Nimrod Vardi, Stan Grant, Gabriel Basha, Matt Lloyd, Faye Aaronson, Brendan Giles, Carolina Tirado, Yeter Aydemir
supported by the A Foundation, Metropolitan Works and Arts Council England