Mark Waugh Text

The inventory of materials used in Jon Fawcett's work reads like a crossword puzzle made from the remixed narratives of JG Ballard and Philip K Dick. On closer inspection each work expands into a larger story which takes us beyond the gallery and into worlds informed by conspiracy theory and new age technology. Forming an obtuse patchwork of  evidence and agenda, Fawcett's work quietly explodes reductive, institutional definitions of what is real and what is possible.

Fawcett’s use of extensive research into tropes of conspiracy and media cults have allowed him to bring into focus the fuzzy logic of new age mysticism that is proliferating in the era of networked consciousness. His sculptures, video and performances exude a menacing technical precision and seduce with a spectrum of alluring colours but these are aesthetic camouflage to cloak ideas that question the nature of the mediated reality or as the artist says, ‘a fabric of contemporary mythologies.’

In this delicate weave in which ephemeral ideas become locked into the history of material technologies from surveillance drones to kevlar weave, the artist uses strategies that simulate those which have become common in the uncanny world in which we live, paralleling activities such as business, politics and war, and operating on a dispersed, global scale.

Mark Waugh 2010